Linus Heck

Posted on July 9, 2020

Starting toggl timers quickly on Linux with KRunner

For a boring workflow post today, maybe this helps you. I can start and stop my toggl timers just by pressing Alt+Space and typing the name of the timer. Cool, right? If you have KRunner, you can also do that! Just install krunner (if you use KDE, it’s preinstalled), and its plugin krunner-symbols, then install toggl-cli, and put this into your ~/.config/krunner-symbolsrc:

# Assume you have the project "Thesis", then you can add something like this
thesis=exec:/home/<user>/.local/bin/toggl start -o Thesis
# Or for the project "Configuring", something like this:
configuring=exec:/home/<user>/.local/bin/toggl start -o Configuring
# ...

# And of course, something ot stop the running timer.
stop=exec:/home/<user>/.local/bin/toggl stop

Replace <user> with your user, of course. You might want to configure krunner to start on a certain shortcut (like Alt+Space for me). toggl might have a different path for you, try which toggl.