Linus Heck

My cool projects

free, communal bikesharing in Aachen


Earthwalker is a game of a similar concept to GeoGuessr. Host it yourself, no API keys needed.


CarParty is a unique game I built with a team of students at RWTH.

Development Cooperation Lecture at RWTH

In the summer semester 2021, I was involved in organizing a lecture about development cooperation at the RWTH.

Finding people to work with or swapping tutoriums in new subjects has always been hard. I try to fix this with this website, with serves exactly this purpose.


You press the button, you get a poem. It also prints the weather forecast!

Word Clock

A word clock build completely from scratch.

Abduction Paper

A philosophy course paper I wrote about abduction and maths (involving Groups, in German).

RWTH Mensabot

A small telegram bot I wrote in python to retrieve information about today's meals. Contrary to all other telegram mensa bots which support Aachen, this bot can show if a meal is vegan, vegetarian, etc, and can filter to these categories. Retrieves data using the RWTH API.


A sleek game for Android with AI and WiFi network play.


A CurveFever demake, complete with powerups, local mutiplayer, and bots. Made with Lua and the pico8 fantasy console.


An open source, room-based, time-tabled chat app for students of the RWTH Aachen (no one uses it, obviously).

Find more on my GitLab or other GitLab or GitHub if you want to.